Fish Farmer Producer Organization (FFPO)

Formation and Promotion of Fish Farmer Producer Organizations (FFPOs)



NCDC has been empowered as one of the Implementation Agency (IA) for Formation and Promotion of the Fish Farmer Producer Organizations (FFPOs). FFPO scheme under PMMSY aims to achieve inclusive and sustainable transformation of the fisheries sector through creation of a holistic and supportive ecosystem.


Description - 

Formation and promotion of FFPOs will be taken up under the Central Sector Scheme component of PMMSY with 100% central funding. As per Union Budget 2020, the Department of Fisheries, Government of India will set up new 500 Fish Farmers Producer Organizations. While formation and promotion of 300 FFPOs/Cs will be supported under PMMSY, efforts will be made to support the remaining 200 FFPOs/Cs through convergence with the 10,000 FPO scheme of Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare (DoACFW), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (MoAFW), wherever possible.


Target of NCDC - 

An initial target of 70 FFPOs has been allocated to NCDC which has registered and business implementation is under process.  



Strengthening of PFCS as FFPO –

The Department of Fisheries, Government of India vide letter dated 31.03.2023 has given administrative approval for proposal of NCDC for strengthening of 1000 existing Primary Fisheries Cooperative Societies (PFCS) as Fish Farmer Producer Organization (FFPOs) in Coastal States and UTs. The program is for two financial years. i.e. FY 2023-24 & FY 2024-25.



Circular - Application for State and District Level Fisheries Federations [ PDF, English, 84 KB, 24.07.2023]

Final Criteria for selection of CBBOs [ PDF, English, 2245 KB, 29.04.2022]

Handbook on FFPOs [PDF, English, 3.52MB]

Launch of Handbook on Fish Farmer Producer Organizations (FFPOs) [PDF, English, 154KB]

PMMSY-FFPO.[PDF, English, 746KB]

Operational Guideline - Fish Farmer Producer Organizations (FFPOs) [PDF, English, 598KB]