राष्ट्रीय सहकारी विकास निगम


IX.† The procedure followed to take a decision for various matters (A reference to Secretariat Manual and rule of Business Manual, and other Rules / regulations etc can be made)


1.†† All powers related to Corporationís functions are vested in the Board of Management.† However for speedy and smooth execution of various functions, Board has delegated powers to Managing Director and Vice Chairman, Board of Management.


2.†† Decisions with regard to sanction / release of assistance to State Governments and / or cooperative societies are taken in terms of the provisions stipulated under the approved programmes / schemes and schematic pattern of assistance with reference to delegation of powers. Major steps in decision making are as under:

 Scrutiny of loan application;

 Completion of application by seeking more information / documents;

 Desk appraisal and / or field appraisal;

 Consideration by respective Screening committee;

 Approval of competent authority in terms of delegation of powers.

 Issuance of sanction order and completion of other formalities; and

 Disbursement in terms of the conditions laid down in sanction order.


3.†† Any proposal for amendment in NCDC Act† and notification of amendments, additional commodities / services etc. is placed before the Board of Management for its approval and then the Government of India is moved for further necessary action.