राष्ट्रीय सहकारी विकास निगम


VI    Information about the official document and place where the documents are available :


Type of Documents

Available Place

Available Place


National Cooperative Development Corporation Act 1962 as amended up to 16th September, 2002.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


NCDC General Regulation 1975 amended up to 7.3.2008.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


NCDC Rules 1975 as amended upto 16.6.2008.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


NCDC Service Regulations 1967 along with amendments.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


Agenda Notes and Minutes of the meetings of General Council and Board of Management of NCDC

 Head Office

Regional Offices


Schematic Patterns of Assistance..

 Head Office

Regional Offices


Annual Reports.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


Programme of Activities (annual).

 Head Office

Regional Offices


Legal Documents.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


Files on sanction and release of assistance.

 Head Office

Regional Offices


VII    Information on Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies related to the Public Authority :

Name and address of the affiliated Body.

(i) General council (GC), NCDC

(ii) Board of Management (BOM), NCDC

Type of affiliated body (Board, Council, Committees, Other Bodies)

 i) General Council

(ii)Board of Management

Brief introduction of the Affiliated Body (Establishment Year, Objective / Main Activities)

(i) General council, NCDC - It Lays down broad guidelines for achieving the objectives of NCDC

 (ii) Board of Management - It implements the guidelines laid down by the General Council and oversees the management of the Corporation.

Role of the Affiliated Body (Advisory / Managing / Executive / Others)

Managing, Advisory

Structure and Member Composition

(i)There are 51 members having representatives of State Govts. National and State level cooperatives, Reserve bank of India, Public Sector Financing Organizations and cooperative experts.

(ii) The Board of Management comprises 12 members drawn from amongst the members of the General Council.

Head of the Body

Union Minister of Agriculture (President General Council)

Secretary(A&C), Ministry of Agriculture (Vice-President, General Council and Chairman, Board of Management)

Address and main office and its branches

4, Siri Institutional Area, Hauz Khas, New Delhi -110016.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings of General Council are held generally twice in a year.

Meetings of Board of Management are convened as and when required.

Can public participate in the meetings?

Only through a representative members

Are minutes of the meetings prepared?


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