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Cooperative Movement in Uttar Pradesh

NCDC since its inception has provided financial assistance to Cooperatives to the tune of Rs.254073.642 lakh for setting up of Sugar Mills,  expansion and modernization of sugar mills, establishment of distilleries, construction of marketing and rural godowns, construction of cold storage units, Computerization of District Cooperative Bank, Implementation of ICDP Schemes, Working Capital and Margin Money assistance to Cooperatives etc.












































































Success Stories of Cooperative Financed by NCDC:-

· UP Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation Ltd., Lucknow is an Apex cooperative Federation  established in1963 for development and expansion of cooperative sugar factories has been assisted by NCDC at different stages for setting up of sugar Mills and for modernization, expansion of their existing Mills,  establishment of ethanol plant; Molasses Tank & assistance in the form of working capital.


· Assistance to District Cooperative Bank for Core Banking Solution Projects (CBS), installation of ATM & Working Capital loan.


·      Funded Cooperatives under weaker section for creation of various infrastructure facilities for establishment of    

       Spinning Mills in Handloom sector, Margin money assistance to dairy societies and others.


· UP Cooperative Federation Ltd., Lucknow (PCF) was established in 1943, aimed at serving farmers in the State through distribution of fertilizers and procurement of their agricultural produce and its marketing to consumers. For storage of fertilizers and food grains NCDC has supported PCF for creation of Storage Infrastructure.


· Various District Cooperative Development Federation of the State were assisted by NCDC is a unique success story in itself, the Federation has diversified its business activities i.e. gas distribution to its members, printing press work, consumer business etc.



· Out of 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh, NCDC under its scheme has sanctioned ICDP in 34 districts of which the project is successfully completed in 23 districts. For the said completed and ongoing projects NCDC has already released Rs. 205.55 crore.


· Core Banking Solution Projects (CBS) for computerization of 20 District Cooperative Banks in the State has been sanctioned at a block cost of Rs. 121.47 crore out of which Rs.85.22 crore, as Corporation’s share, has already been released to DCBs.


· Total storage capacity of 23.37 lakh tonnes has been created in the State with NCDC assistance of Rs.126.37 crores, comprising 9537 rural godowns and 900 marketing godowns as on 31.03.2016.


· NCDC has provided financial assistance of Rs.44.390 crore in the State for setting up of Spinning Mills.


· NCDC has provided financial assistance of around Rs. 1280.70 crore in the State to Spinning Mill, Sugar Industries for setting up of sugar mills, Modernization and expansion of Sugar Mills, Installation of distillery units, Construction of Molasses Tank, Margin Money and Working Capital etc.


· NCDC has cumulatively released Rs.47.00 crore for Agricultural Marketing and Inputs activities in the State under Central Sector AMI and CSISAC scheme.


Thrust Areas:


· Implementation of Integrated Cooperative Development Project in the remaining 41 District of Uttar Pradesh.


· Installation of Distillery Plant and ZLD- Ethanol plant by Sugar mills in the State.


· Repair/Renovation of existing godowns of PACS/ Federation/ Cane Societies etc.


· Working capital to Apex bodies, Marketing Federation, DCBs, Sugar Mills and Milk Unions.


· Creation   of Cold Storage infrastructure.


· Business Development in PACS Consumer & Allied sectors.


·         Business development and infrastructure creation in Weaker Section.


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