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National Cooperative Development Corporation
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States under jurisdiction:   West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


Major Activities funded in the Region:




West Bengal

Marketing & Inputs, Fishery, Cold Storage, Godown, Spinning Mills, Working Capital to Cooperative Bank, Service Cooperatives and ICDP


Marketing, ICDP and Consumer

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Transport Vehicle, Working Capital to Banks, Storage, Consumer


Cumulative releases to the States/UT:

                                                                          (Rs. in Crore)


Cumulative Release

as on 31.07.2018

West Bengal




Andaman & Nicobar Islands





       The share of West Bengal in total release to the States / UTs under jurisdiction of Regional Office, Kolkata is 96.24%.


Activity-wise Cumulative Release (%) in West Bengal as on 31.07.2018



































Thrust Area:


             Considering the potential of activities that may be covered under cooperative sector in West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman & Nicobar Islands for ensuing years are as under:  


·   Fisheries (Processing/Pisciculture /Ornamental Fish/Feed etc.)

·   Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP)

·   Marketing & Inputs

·   Agro-Processing                                      

·   Cold Storage & Storage                      

·   Industrial & Service Cooperatives

·   Women Cooperative

·   Computerization of Cooperatives

·   Consumer Cooperatives

·   Horticulture (Integrated Post Harvest Management Centre for Fruits & Vegetables)

·   Tribal Scheme

·   Working Capital to Cooperative Banks / Federations


NCDC Excellence Award for Cooperatives in the Region:


· Madhusudankati SKUS Ltd., North 24 Parganas, West Bengal (2002)

· Mudialy Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Ltd., Q-167/1, Santoshpur Road, Kolkata, WB, (2004)

· Sahebganj No.1 Anchalik Samabayay Krishi Unnayan Samity Ltd., Sanchalida, District Burdwan,West Bengal, (2004)

· Perka Panam Hinengo Ltd., at Perka Village, Carnicobar, A&N Islands (2004)

· The Chanak Union Cooperative Agriculture Credit Society Ltd., Sarulia, District - Burdwan, WB (2006)

· The Kesari Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd., Mayabandar, A&N Islands (2006)                  

· The Central Pandam Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd., Duga, Sikkim (2006)

· The Jhaugeria Purba Mukundapur SKUS Ltd., Purba Mukundapur, District Purba Midnapore,West Bengal (2008)

· Malabar Cooperative Coconut Farming Society Ltd., Ograbraj, A&N Islands (2008)

· Mangan Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd., Sikkim (2008)

· Brahmanpara SKUS Ltd, Village & P.O.-Brahmanpara, Birbhum, West Bengal (2010)

· Yuksom Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd., P.O. Yuksom, Sikkim (2010)

· Haldia Dock Complex Consumers Coop. Society, Ltd., Purba Medinipur, WB (2012)

· Polok Borong Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd., P.O.  Polok Borong, Sikkim (2012)

· Madhusudankati S.K.U.S. Ltd., East Bishnupur, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal (2014)

· Luing Perbing Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd., Thamidara, East Sikkim, Sikkim (2014)

· Pallimangal Service Cooperative Society Ltd., Collinpur, South Andaman, A&N Islands (2014)


New Initiatives Taken:                                                                                                    (Rs. in crore)

Name of the Society/ Department

Name of the project

Project Cost

NCDC’s share


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises & Textiles Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Modernization of Tamralipta Cooperative Spinning Mills Ltd., Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal.



Sanctioned during 2017-18

Cooperation Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Computerization and related Infrastructure to 2631 PACS to develop them as Banking Service Points.




Sanctioned during 2018-19

Cooperation Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Establishment of Farm Machinery Hubs through 1000 PACS




Sanctioned during 2018-19

Cooperation Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Income Enhancement Initiative for Self Help Groups (SHGs) through Poultry Farming & Goat rearing.



Sanctioned during 2018-19.

1 lakh beneficiaries to be benefited.


Success Story of a successful Cooperative in West Bengal



Name of the Society:    Mudialy Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Ltd,

                                                    Q-167/1, Santoshpur Road, South 24 Parganas, Kolkata – 700024.

                                                    Phone No.033-2491 4737/ 9007772393 (M)

Activities of the Society:           


· Pisciculture in leased-in and self acquired water bodies.

· Credit facilities to members and consumer activities.

· Consumer activities

· Sale of Poultry Items (Goatery & Duckery).

· Supporting allied activities like floriculture, horticulture and plantation of trees, eco-tourism, etc.

· Incidental welfare activities to the members


Background of the Society:


             The society is located in the South Western fringe of Kolkata. It is about 7 km. away from the heart of the city. In November, 1961 Mudialy Fishermen’s Cooperative Society was registered and it took Kolkata Port Trust land popularly known as Port Commissioners Jheel, mainly a water logged wasteland choked with water hyacinth, on lease license and started pisciculture activities.


Vision of the Society:


          The core philosophy of the activities of the society are strengthening economy, Improving solidarity with the local population by weaving a close knit social fabric, Preserving biodiversity through sustainable development of wetland, Developing an exemplary ecotourism site. To develop the nature park as a demonstration centre for integrated sewage fed fishery.



Area of Excellence:


Development work undertaken by the Cooperative Society – 

          In 1985, the society reclaimed with the permission of Kolkata Port Trust the entire derelict water area and brought it under culture-able condition by making huge investment with financial assistance from Fishermen Development Agency under World Bank Aided Inland Fisheries Project.


Nature Park – 

          The Society has built up a Nature Park comprising the greenery of the water bodies like enclosures for Deer, Rabbit, Peacock etc.  The area attracts varieties of migratory and residential birds.  The area has become a “Nature Park” in a true sense of the terms.  Such a piece of water body and greenery so near to congested city of Kolkata has immense value in preserving the environment.


Forestry –

             Apart from Development of Fishery Co-Operative the Society has planted more than One Lakh Saplings, thus preserving the environment by reducing the effects of Global warming. It is an established fact that plant one hectare Landed area taken yearly 3.6 tons Carbon di-oxide from the air and leaves 2.5 tones Oxygen in the air. Thus the Society has its own role in maintaining ecological balance with Social Responsibility to the Mother Nature.


NCDC assistance to the Society:

             The Society has undertaken various projects in the sphere of Fishing and its allied activities and NCDC has been instrumental in boosting the productivity of this society by providing financial assistance under Beel Fisheries Development Project. The project was implemented with a block cost of Rs.103.54 Lakh out of which loan component is Rs.41.41 Lakh (40% of Block Cost) , Share capital of Rs. 20.71 Lakh (20% of Block cost) , Subsidy is Rs. 20.71 Lakh (20% of Block cost) and own contribution of the society is Rs.20.71 Lakh (20% of Block cost). Under this project at present, 25 hectares of water body has been re-excavated, 4 culverts have been constructed and the sluice gates have been repaired. The implementation of this project has resulted in a quantum jump in fish production.


Financials & Business Activities undertaken by the Society:

             During the financial year 2016–17, MFCS had a Business Turnover of Rs.265.58 Lakh and in respect of Fish production it gone up to 113 Metric Tonnes of Rs.136.80 Lakhs. The society has registered as a Profit making entity for last several years.  As on 31.03.2017 and the Net Working Capital is Rs.96.29 Lakh and Gross Profit registered is Rs.90.38 Lakh. The paid-up share capital of the society as on 31.03.2017 was Rs.40.35 Lakh. The Amount spent on Welfare Programmes is Rs.87.02 Lakh with Audit Classification as `A`.



· Year 1985-86,1987-88, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06 - National Productivity Award

                      from National Productivity Council, GOI

· Year 1992  -  Best award for documentary film “Mudialy Alternative” on the  

                      conservation of environment in National Film Festival.

· Year 1993  -  Indira Priyadarshini Vishwamitra Award.

· Year 2004  -  Overall performance in pisciculture and allied activities from BENFISH.

· Year 2004  -  NCDC Biennial award for Cooperative Excellence.

· Year 2012  -  Indian Achiever`s Award for Co-operative Society Development.

· Year 2016  -  Meen Mitra 2016 from Fishery Dept., Govt. of West Bengal.

· Year 2018  -  Krishak Samman Award from Govt. of West Bengal.


Social Welfare Activities :


          MFCS undertakes a number of social welfare activates like Running a charitable dispensery ,  Running a coaching centre, computer centre up to Class X named  `Bodhon`, Free distribution of blankets to the distress, Provide free arrangement for drinking water to the local people, Provide free Medical Check-up to the local people. Society generated social awareness about  Protection of Environmental pollution, Wetland Preservation, Aforestration, Conservation of wild life through Training, Campaign, Poster, Hoarding etc.


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