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Jurisdiction                                                          :            RAJASTHAN


Regional Directorate Established                      :            1976




1.           Cooperative Movement in Rajasthan


             Cooperative movement in Rajasthan commenced in 1904 from Ajmer. An over view of Cooperatives in Rajasthan is as under:


             1.           Total No. of cooperatives          :            33494   

             2.           Membership                                :            1.05 crore

             3.           Share capital                               :            Rs. 3396.00 crore

             4.           Working Capital                         :            Rs. 62000.00 crore

             5.           Apex Cooperatives                    :            23


             Short-term Credit Cooperatives


             1.           Apex Bank                                  :            1

             2.           District Central Coop Banks     :            29

             3.           Primary Agri. Coop. Societies  :            6476

             4.           ST Loan disbursed(2014-15)     :            Rs. 16017.00 crore


             Long-term Credit Cooperatives


             1.           State Land Dev. Bank                :            1

             2.           Primary Land Dev. Bank           :            36

             3.           LT loan disbursed                      :            Rs. 256.30 crore




             1.           State Marketing Federation       :            1

2.          PCMS & Fruits & Veg. Coops    :            269


             Consumer Cooperatives


             1.           State Consumer Federation      :            1

             2.           Coop. Consumer Bhandars      :            34

                          Turnover of Bhandars(2015-16)            Rs. 554.00 crore (Estimated)


             3.           Women cooperatives                 :            3919

             4.           Other                                           :            7644



2.           Flow of NCDC funds to Rajasthan State:


             As on 31.3.2016 NCDC has provided an assistance of Rs. 1039.65 crore for the cooperative developmental projects i.e. setting of agro-processing units, storage & cold storages, assistance for marketing of agri. produce, inputs- details of which is given in Annexure -1.


            The scheme-wise and year-wise sanction and release to cooperative projects is shown at



3.           Major projects funded by NCDC are as under :


1.  Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP)


  All the  33 Districts  of Rajasthan have been covered under Integrated Cooperative Development Project (ICDP) programme 18 projects with block cost of Rs.235.23 crore and with NCDC assistance  of Rs.202.48 crore   have been completed and presently 14 ICDPs  with an assistance of Rs. 256.61 crore are under implementation, makes it a major activity being undertaken in the State. Overall the performance and implementation of the Projects are satisfactory. The positive impact of ICD Projects is visible in form of cooperatives equipped with basic infrastructure, improved financial position, increased business turnover and enhanced members participation etc.


             During financial year 2015-16 the Corporation has also sanctioned 3 ICDPs Phase-II projects for Sikar, Banswara and Jalore Districts     at a total block cost of Rs. 152.05 crores. The projects are under implementation.


        2.  Computerization


             Building MIS with computerization projects integrating various tiers of cooperatives hasten their service and operation, bring cost effectiveness, simultaneously improve accuracy in transfer and collection of data of cooperatives. Networking of different cooperative will provide competitive edge and increase their profitability The Corporation has provided financial assistance of Rs. 32.72 crores for the computerization of activities of Udaipur Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Bhandar, CONFED & Apex Cooperative Bank.  The project of computerization of networking of branches of DCCBs with Apex Bank with an assistance of Rs. 42.52 crore is under implementation.


        3.   Dairy


  Rajasthan has the largest cattle population and good network of  dairy cooperatives including 21 Cooperative District Milk Unions and one State Dairy Federation.  There is ample scope for modernization and expansion and diversification of existing dairy plants of 21 Cooperative Milk Unions and Dairy Federation.  The Bhilwara Cooperative Dairy Union’s 10 TPD Milk Powder Plant at a block cost of Rs.11.24 crore (with NCDC share Rs.7.86 crore) is under implementation. NCDC has released Rs. 5.13 crore to the project.


       4. Storage


             Under various storage schemes of NCDC, 4768 rural and 395 marketing godowns with a total capacity of 5.58 lakh MTs  involving NCDC assistance of Rs.45.32 crores have been constructed.  Presently, 4 godown projects of 4 KVSSs/Bhandar with storage capacity of 850.00 MTs with an assistance of Rs.  35.46 lakh are under construction.


      5.   Consumer Cooperatives


  Rajasthan State. has a good network of consumer cooperatives at district and state level.  There are 34 Districts Wholesale Cooperative Consumer Bhandars and one Consumer Federation. Bhandars are doing will and their performance improved after availing assistance from NCDC for margin money, computerization and construction of super markets.  As on 31.3.2016 Rs.13.53 crores  have been  provided for consumer activities.  Presently, margin money assistance of Rs. 56.08 lakh sanctioned to Udaipur Cooperative Wholesale Bhandar is to be released after completion of legal documentation



      6.    Working Capital to DCCB


             During 2016-17 NCDC has sanctioned Rs. 100.00 crore to District Central Cooperative Bank, Sriganganagar as working capital for agricultural credit for 2 years.  Out of the sanctioned amount Rs. 20.00 crore has been availed by the Bank.

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