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 State under Jurisdiction: Madhya Pradesh

 Major Activities funded in the State


  Integrated Cooperative Development Project is the flagship programme of NCDC in Madhya Pradesh. So far NCDC has sanctioned 37 ICDPs, covering 43 districts out of 51 districts in the State. Detailed Project Report (DPR) of 5 districts viz Satna, Morena, Sheopur, Panna, Mandla are being got prepared by the State Govt. and are likely to be forwarded to NCDC soon for consideration. State Govt. recommendation for approval of ICDPs in remaining 3 districts has also been sent to NCDC. As on 31.3.2015 Govt. of MP has availed cumulative assistance of Rs. 385 crores under this programme  

Storage & Cold Storage

Total storage capacity of 13.74 lakh tons has been created in the State with NCDC assistance of Rs.92.31crores, comprising 5181 rural godowns and 1109 marketing godowns. Besides, Corporation also provided total assistance of Rs.25.57 crores for establishment of 24 new cold storages (90400 MTcapacity) and expansion/modernization of 9 cold storages (22250 MT capacity).

Marketing & Inputs

NCDC has cumulatively released Rs.62.00 cores for agricultural marketing and inputs activities in the State under Central Sector and Corporation Sponsored Scheme.

 Weaker Sectionís Programme.

Collection and Marketing of Tendu leaves (Minor Forest Produce) is a major Tribal activity in Cooperative Sector in Madhya Pradesh. NCDC has played an important role in the Cooperativisation of Tendu leaves procurement in MP by providing financial assistance to the MP State Minor Forest Produce (T&D) Cooperative Federation, Bhopal for Working Capital, Construction of godowns and Margin Money from time to time. Of late, NCDC has sanctioned an assistance of Rs. 10.51 crores to the federation for construction of 100 small size and 20 large size godowns during 2012-13. NCDC has also sanctioned an assistance of Rs.5.69 crores to the federation for computerization of its 1066 Primary Societies and 61 Unions. During 2013-14.  An assistance of Rs. 4.06 crores has been sanctioned to the Federation by NCDC for installation of Solar Power Systems  for its Primary Societies. 

NCDC has also sanctioned assistance for development of other Weaker Section programmes viz  Fishery, Handloom, Sericulture cooperatives in the State.

 Agro Processing

4 Oilseed Processing Units, 1 Vanaspati Unit, 1 Refinery, 1 Lecithin Recovery Unit, 4 Sugar Mills, 1 Spinning Mill, 27 Rice Mills and 38 Dal Mills have been established in the State with NCDC assistance.

Consumer Coops.:

A total assistance of Rs.17.98 crores has been provided for development of consumer business by cooperatives in the State by NCDC as on 31.3.2015.

 Credit and Service Cooperatives:-

To augment their working capital requirement for short term funding, NCDC has so far sanctioned working capital loan of Rs. 490.00 crores  to DCCB Khargone, Shajapur , Dhar, Sehore and Dewas

Core Banking :          

Core Banking Solutions Projects (CBS) is being implemented by the District Central Cooperative Banks in Madhya Pradesh with technical assistance of NABARD for which software is being provided by the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). NCDC has offered all the DCCB to avail assistance from NCDC for purchase of Hardware required for implementation of CBS. So far NCDC has sanctioned total assistance of Rs 11.92 crores to 11 DCCBs who had submitted their project proposal under Direct Funding Scheme of the Corporation.


Cumulative Assistance:

Since inception, NCDC has so far (31.03.2015) provided cumulative assistance of Rs.1459 crores, for various cooperative development programmes in the State of M.P.


Allocation for 2015-16:

                     NCDC has year- marked Rs. 286.45 crores for various cooperative activities in the state of Madhya Pradesh as per details given below:-  


                                                                 (Rs. In crores)

1. Marketing & Inputs                                    0.50

2. ICDP                                                       32.00

3. Textile                                                     35.50

4. Storage                                                     7.00

5. Cold Storage                                             0.50

6. Service Cooperative                              210.00

7. MIS                                                           0.95

     Total                                                      286.45


Other activities coming under the purview of NCDC can also be covered depending upon receipt  of bankable proposals.



Thrust Areas:

 There are 51 districts in the State of Madhya Pradesh. So far 43 districts have been covered under ICDP programme. Govt of Madhya Pradesh has taken a decision in principle to cover all the districts under ICDP in phased manner. The Govt. has also indicated that it would come forward for sanction of second phase of ICDPs in those districts where the projects were completed 7 to 8 years ago.  


 During 2011-12 and 2012-13 there was record production of wheat in Madhya Pradesh which has suddenly increased the requirement of storage space in the State manifold. Govt. has decided to avail NCDC assistance for construction of large size godowns by the Primary Agriculture Credit Societies in phased manner. According to Govt. decision every year proposal of 60 godowns (all 500 MT) will be posed to NCDC. Two lots of 60 godowns each have already been sanctioned by NCDC. Third lot of 60 godowns is under consideration of State Govt. for recommendation to NCDC.


 Minor Forest Produce (T&D) Cooperative Federation, Bhopal has decided to construct small size godowns (145 MT) for 1066 Primary Forest Cooperative Societies in the State which are involved in voluminous procurement of Tendu leaves. The federation has recently availed NCDC assistance for construction of 100 such godowns during 2012-13. The federation has been requested to formulate proposals for construction of godowns by remaining 966 Primary Societies also. 


 To augment their short term funding requirement, the District Central Cooperative Banks can avail short term loan (Working Capital) from NCDC in view of Corporationís competitive rate of interest.


 During 2012-13 and 2013-14 NCDC has sanctioned assistance to 11 DCCBs in the State for Core Banking Solution Project under Direct Funding Scheme. In the second phase the banks are now going for installation of ATMs and to provide RTGS and NEFT services. NCDC has offered all the 38 DCCBs in the State to avail NCDC assistance for installation of ATMs, IT Escalation and RTGS/NEFT connectivity under† CENTRAL SECTOR INTEGERATED SCHEME ON AGRICULTURAL COOPERATION (CSISAC). Element of subsidy to the extent of 20% in the scheme makes the scheme very attractive.


Cooperative Excellence- Stateís Pride:

Adimjati Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit Badwani District, Madhya Pradesh


Established in 1952, Adimjati Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit Badwani is dealing in disbursement of agricultural credit, distribution of fertilizers and other inputs and PDS items, besides deposits mobilization. The society is also acting as a lead institution for consumer business and running 18 shops. The society owns 3 trucks for transportation of consumer items. It has 2113 members, out of whom 172 are women , 603 SC/ST and 1106 OBC. The society during the year 2012-13 had business turnover and net profit of Rs. 2461.00 lakhs and Rs. 32.89 lakhs respectively . it has earned audit classification ďAĒ in last 2 years. The society has an elected board and is recipient of various Awards for best performance in the State. The society is also recipient of NCDCís Biennial Award for Cooperative Excellence 2014.