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3. Major activities funded by NCDC in Kerala and its impact.


 NCDC has provided financial assistance of around Rs193.24 crore for agro-based processing activities in the Rubber, Coconut, Textile, Fruits & vegetable sector etc.  34 rubber based value addition units, 7 major & minor coconut oil producing units, 2 tea factories, 12 Spices / fruit & vegetable units & 1 wheat processing unit etc. were established and are in operation. These units were set up by RUBCO, RAIDCO, KERAFED, RUBBERMARK, AGREENCO and primary marketing cooperatives and primary agricultural credit societies for ensuring value addition and incremental income to the grower members/ producers. 


 For Marketing, Input distribution and Consumer business,  NCDC provided around Rs. 260.59 crore which enabled MARKETFED, RUBBERMARK,  RAIDCO, CAMPCO,  CONSUMERFED, RUBTECH etc and a host of primaries to play a major role in the marketing of agri-produce, consumer articles, distribution of farm inputs and also for  safeguarding the interest of the growers as well as consumers.


 † Under various Storage Godown Schemes (excluding godowns sanctioned under ICDP),    NCDC   provided around Rs. 31.42 crore   for construction of 2321 godowns creating storage capacity of around 3.97 lakh MTs in the State for  storage of fertilizers and agri-

†††††††† produce by cooperatives to ensure regular supply of inputs and better price realisation for the produce of††††††

†††††††† its members.


 NCDCís district / area specific projects - the Integrated Cooperative Development Projects (ICDP)  - have radically strengthened the village level primary agriculture service cooperative banks (PACS) and other primary cooperatives and have transformed them as multi-purpose entities for catering to the over-all requirements of  rural poor.  The ICDP have been implemented in all the 14 districts in the State and a second phase in three districts with a total outlay of Rs.368.32 crore. It could strengthen the primary credit/marketing societies by way of creation of basic infrastructure/banking facilities, value addition activities and special emphasis on information technology, training / man-power development etc.


 In the Fisheries Sectoraround 85,000 traditional fishermen/women have been benefited, so far, under NCDC-funded 17 Integrated Fisheries Development Projects (IFDP) involving total outlay of Rs397.03 crore. The IFDP projects have provided the traditional fishermen/women the most modern and efficient fishing inputs and marketing inputs, creation of infrastructure for storage and marketing, intervention at beach level auction, capacity building etc. The beach level auction and fish marketing by cooperatives have helped the producer fishermen to fetch 67% of consumer price. The formation of SHGs have improved employment generation and raised their income level and standard of living.


 Under the Textile sector, NCDC has provided around Rs277.80 crore for rehabilitation, expansion and modernisation of Cooperative Spinning Mills, setting up of Integrated Power-loom projects and  for  establishment of  work-sheds & looms and showrooms for Handloom sector, which provided the much needed modernisation and employment opportunities in the rural areas.


 In the Coir sector, NCDC has provided around Rs 50.00 crore through the  State Govt. for improving marketing operations of COIRFED, setting up of coir godowns (119), coir processing units (12) and mechanised Coir De-fibering& Spinning units (122) at primary level, thereby providing better infrastructure / working conditions for production related activities, mechanisation and  value addition facilities.


 NCDC has provided  short term Working Capital assistance to the tune of Rs. 4708.52 crore  as on 31.03.2016, under its Direct Funding scheme to the Kerala State Cooperative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Ltd., (Rs1475.00 crore) Kerala State Cooperative Bank Ltd (Rs 100.00 crore), and 10 District Cooperative Banks ( Rs2658.00 crore). This has enabled the Cooperative Banks to enhance their micro level lending in the farm and allied sectors to a great extent.

 In the recently opened up Service & Industrial sector , NCDC has provided around Rs99.64 crore to the Labour cooperatives, Hospital Cooperatives, Education Cooperatives, Agriculture Credit Societies for creation of infrastructure facilities, establishment and modernization† of Cooperative Printing Presses,  which has facilitated such cooperatives to acquire required infrastructure to generate employment  in the rural and industrial  areas and also to provide affordable and quality education and health care to rural population.


 Information Technology development is one of the thrust area, where NCDC has sanctioned around Rs.10.00 crore for Computerisation of about 167 primary level societies and State Level Federations, apart from substantial assistance provided through ICDPs for computerisation of village level cooperatives.


 Under NCDCs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme, Palakkad District Co-operative Hospital and Research Centre Ltd. No. P878, Palakkadwas provided Rs 5.15 lakhs as grant for purchase of Ambulance van with all required medical equipments for providing palliative care to Cancer and other chronic patients at their doorstep. Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School Cooperative Society,Madapally, Kozhikode was sanctionedRs 5.50 lakhs for purchase of Computers,furniture and other accessories.Badagara Cooperative Hospital society, Kozhikode was provided Rs 10.00 lakhs for purchase of ICU ambulance under NCDC CSR scheme.

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