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LINAC (Laxmanrao Inamdar National Academy for Co-operative Research and Development)

Plot No. 89, Sector – 18
GURGAON – 122 015

Tel: 95124-2340670-4, 2349028.
Fax No.: 95124-2340674

Email : Topic@ncdc.in



To develop professional competence of the personnel of NCDC and the assisted cooperatives to enable them to achieve organizational objectives through suitable training and developmental interventions, research, consultancy and / or related activities.




Organizational Development

Cooperative entrepreneurship Development

Project Preparation, Appraisal, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Developing Cooperative Consultancy Skills.

Training of Trainers.

Promotion and Development of Youth Cooperatives

Productivity Improvements in Cooperatives

Consultancy and Research

Development of training systems, programmes and materials.

Preparation of project reports.

Appraisal of projects.

Evaluation of projects.

Promotional and Developmental

The Promotional and Developmental Schemes being implemented are:

Fellowships for Faculty Development Programme at IIM, Ahmedabad to develop the      professional skills and training capability of cooperative training institutions including ACSTIs.

Fellowships for Diploma Course in Cooperative Business Management (DCBM) at VAMNICOM, Pune to develop and strengthen managerial skills of the Managers / Executives of Cooperatives.

Cash Awards to meritorious students of Higher Diploma course (HDC) in Cooperation conducted by ICMs to motivate the students to perform better.

Organization of study visits for the Directors of Board of Management, Chairmen, Chief Executives and other key personnel of cooperative marketing and processing societies to good working societies within the country to help them learn success factors and develop conviction and replicate the success.



Development of need-based tailor-made training programmes and materials based on Systems Approach to Training. Facilitation of programmes following the Concept of Andragogy.



· Training Schedule for the year 2017-18   -   Click Here





1.      International Collaborative Training Programme on “Adopting Area Based Integrated Approach for Cooperative Development– Experience of NCDC’s ICDP Scheme in Indian Context”   Click Here


2.      International Training Programme on Developing Managerial Skills For Agricultural Cooperatives And    Rural Financing Institutions  -   Click Here


    3.      ICDP  -  Click Here


    4.      Training Programme on “Image Building & PR” -   Click Here


    5.      Understanding Cooperatives & NCDC’s Strategy for Financing and Developing Cooperatives   Click Here


Training Materials