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Poultry is a very important subsidiary activity in rural areas particularly for the landless and weaker sections of the rural community. With a view to develop poultry farming in cooperative sector, the Corporation has been extending its assistance to poultry cooperatives since 1974-75.

NCDC assistance cover’s the following poultry activities:

i.   Establishment of cluster of poultry units with rearing capacity ranging from 5000 and more for each unit with low input technology birds as well as hybrid variety birds with provision for selling pullets to member farmers for backyard poultry farming;

ii.   Assistance to societies for incubators, hatcheries and accessories for providing Day Old Chicks to societies engaged in poultry activities;

iii.  Assistance for marketing of poultry products by involving producer members;

iv.   Poultry dressing units with a minimum capacity of 300 birds per day;

v.   Arranging training for members of cooperative societies in collaboration with Govt. of India/State Poultry Training Centres;

vi.  Sanction of additional funds to existing Integrated Cooperative Poultry Projects already assisted by NCDC towards expansion of existing capacity and margin money. Only such societies, which are doing well and have positive net worth will be eligible for sanction of assistance. In addition assistance will also be provided to such societies whose projects are partially completed but functioning and have positive net worth towards their completion and margin money.


 NCDC assistance to Poultry Cooperatives


NCDC has sanctioned Rs.10555.00 lakhs and released Rs.8644.92 lakhs upto 31.3.2016 to Poultry Cooperatives for Integrated Projects and other activities in various States/UTs.         



NCDC since its inception has been promoting and financing dairy cooperatives. However, the Corporation’s role has been limited to “Non-operation Flood States” due to National Dairy Development Board’s implementation of “Operation Flood Programme”. The programme has come to an end in 1996. With this, NCDC’s role has been widened and now the Corporation can finance dairy cooperatives in erstwhile Operation Flood areas also.

NCDC provides assistance to primary, district and state level dairy cooperatives for establishment/ expansion/ renovation of milk collection centres, chilling plants, purchase of milk collection equipment, transport vehicles, establishment of feed mixing/manufacturing units, milk testing equipments, deep freezers, bulk milk coolers & UHT packaging units and  integrated dairy development projects linking production, procurement, processing and marketing of milk, working capital, margin money/share capital assistance is provided for increasing the business turnover.  Further as per revision of the scheme in 2002, NCDC will also finance for purchase, rearing and breeding of milch animals as per existing pattern of assistance for cooperatives engaged in dairy activities.

NCDC’s activities under Livestock sector have been confined to financing only for setting up of slaughter houses. With the recent amendment of NCDC’s Act 2002 new vistas have been opened in this sector. NCDC now finance livestock animals for breeding, rearing, meat, fleece, skin, wool and other by-products for cooperatives engaged in livestock activities, integrated livestock projects, modernisation / expansion and renovation of existing units, processing & marketing infrastructure, margin money, purchase of transport vehicles, equipments etc.


General Conditions of Eligibility for NCDC's Assistance

·      The society seeking financial assistance should be functional, working efficiently.

·    A newly registered society can also be considered, provided it has a well designed programme etc.

·   Primary societies should be affiliated to the respective regional/state level cooperative federations and the district/state cooperative union, if existing in the state.

·     The society which has been classified below "C" category during the audit for the last three years will normally not be considered. However rehabilitation projects of such societies, those would be considered on merits.

·    Societies with negative net worth (cumulative losses exceeding own funds) would not be eligible for assistance.


NCDC assistance to Dairy & Livestock Cooperatives


NCDC has sanctioned Rs.201352.72 lakhs and released Rs.61272.73 lakhs upto 31.3.2016 to Dairy & Livestock Cooperatives for Integrated Projects and other activities in various States/UTs.



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Procedure Involved in availing NCDC’s Assistance

The societies fulfilling the conditions of eligibility should apply through the Animal Husbandry Commissioner /Registrar of Cooperative societies to NCDC.  Advance copies of the application may be sent to NCDC's Regional Directors/Head Office.  NCDC would however consider the proposals only after the proposals are duly recommended by the State Govt. and concurrence of finance department of State Govt.  Societies desiring assistance under direct financing scheme may refer to the Direct Funding Guidelines available on the Web site.