NCDC has been promoting and developing fisheries cooperatives after its Act was amended in 1974 to cover fisheries within its purview. The Corporation has formulated specific schemes and pattern of assistance for enabling the fishery cooperatives to take up activities relating to production, processing, storage, marketing, etc. Assistance is provided to fisheries cooperatives on liberal terms treating the activity as weaker section programme. Assistance to fishery cooperatives is provided for the following purposes:

 Purchase of operational inputs such as fishing boats, nets, and  engines

 Creation of infrastructure facilities for marketing, transport vehicles, ice plants, cold storages, retail outlets, processing units, etc.

 Development of inland fisheries, seed farms, hatcheries, etc.

 Preparation of feasibility reports.

 Integrated Fisheries Projects (Marine, Inland and Brackish Water)


Future Thrust

Future thrust of the corporation is on creating infrastructure for marketing, processing and by products to reduce post harvest losses and increase in income of the fishermen.


Conditions of Eligibility for NCDC's Assistance

The society seeking financial assistance should be functional, working efficiently.

 A newly registered society can also be considered, provided it has a well designed programme of pisciculture, marketing etc.

 Primary societies should be affiliated to the regional/state level fisheries cooperative federations and the district/state cooperative union, if existing in the state.

 The society which has been classified below "C" category during the audit for the last three years will normally not be considered. However rehabilitation projects of such societies, those would be considered on merits.

 Societies with negative net worth (cumulative losses exceeding own funds) would not be eligible for assistance.

 The inland fishery societies operating in the water area leased out to them should invariably have a lease for more than three years. For availing assistance for excavation, the period of the lease should be for a minimum of 10 years.


Impact of NCDC's Assistance.

 The increase in marine fish catch of cooperatives in Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, etc., is attributed to the support of NCDC.

 The total number of fishermen to be benefited from all the Integrated Projects is estimated to be over 3 lakh.

 The total estimated additional fish production on implementation of the projects is over 4 lakh tonnes per year.

 The societies are democratically managed and the members take active interest in the functioning of the societies.

 Beneficiary fishermen earn more income than non-beneficiaries.

 The increased fish catch by the fishermen has improved the socio-economic conditions of the fishermen perceptibly.


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Procedure Involved in availing NCDC's Assistance

The societies fulfilling the conditions of eligibility should apply through the Commissioner/Director of Fisheries/Registrar of Cooperative societies to NCDC.  Advance copies of the application may be sent to NCDC's Regional Directors/Head Office.  NCDC would however consider the proposals only after the proposals are duly recommended by the State Govt. Societies desiring assistance under direct financing scheme may refer to the Direct Funding Guidelines available on the Web site.