राष्ट्रीय सहकारी विकास निगम


Computerization Schemes

The Corporation provides assistance for computerisation in the cooperative sector under Corporationís Scheme for Developed States and Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Under Developed/ Least Developed States/UTs.

Assistance is provided for hardware, site preparation, system and application software and training.


NCDCís Assistance

NCDC has been encouraging and helps computerization in the cooperatives, from primary level to national level, to run their affairs through effective Management Information System, by providing financial assistance as well as technical guidance. The Corporation has sanctioned Rs.246.30 crore to 342 societies/banks and released Rs.159.499 crore up to 31/3/2013 under its computerization programme.


Conditions of Eligibility for NCDCís Assistance

Following types of cooperative institutions are eligible for assistance

 National Level Federations/Societies

 State Level Federations/Banks/Societies.

 District level Banks/Societies and Processing societies with turnover exceeding Rs.1.00 crore in the preceding year.

 Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies/Banks with turnover of Rs.1.00 crore or more in the preceding year.

The cooperative should be financially sound and viable

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