राष्ट्रीय सहकारी विकास निगम


Computerization Schemes


NCDCís Assistance

NCDC has been encouraging and helps computerization in the cooperatives, from primary level to national level, to run their affairs through effective Management Information System, by providing financial assistance as well as technical guidance. The Corporation has sanctioned Rs.398.04 crore to 393 societies/banks and released Rs.310.14 crore up to 31/03/2018 under its computerization programme.


The Central Sector Integrated Scheme for computerization is in operation in all developed/under developed/least developed States and Union Territories for strengthening the societies to creating their data base, to have effective control of their business decision making and to provide information technology.† The details of the scheme are as under:


A.†††††††† Coverage

Financial assistance for installation of computers will be made available to:

1.††††† National Level Federations

2.††††† State Level Federations/State Cooperative Banks

3. District Level Societies and processing units

4. Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies/Banks/Primary Cooperative Marketing Societies.


The Society should be financially sound and viable.


B. Pattern of Financial Assistance



























C.††††††† Eligibility under Direct Funding†

The Corporation is also providing assistance directly under the scheme to the cooperatives, if security to the satisfaction of NCDC is provided.† For direct funding, the eligibility criteria is as under:

1. Cooperative should have turnover of Rs.1.00 crore or more in the preceding year ;

2. The society should have positive net-worth and there should be no erosion in the paid-up share capital;



D.†††††††† Project Cost:

The project cost may include cost of hardware, system & application software, networking, technical manpower, maintenance, site preparation and training.


E.††††††††† Period of loan:

†††††††††††† The period of loan will be 5 years.†


F.†††††††† Mode of Release:

(a) Through State Govt.

Assistance will be provided by way of reimbursement after the State Government has released the assistance to the Society/Federation.†


†††††††††††† (b) Direct Funding:

Assistance will be provided based on progress in the project implementation after legal documentation for creation of security are completed.†


G.†††††††† Rate of Interest

As applicable at the time of actual release of funds.†


H.†††††††† How to avail the assistance

†††††††††††† The Regional Offices of NCDC have been delegated powers to sanction assistance upto project cost of Rs.1.00 crore.† Projects over Rs.1.00 crore will be considered by Head Office of NCDC.


Any eligible Federation/Society willing to avail the assistance may submit their proposal in the Prescribed Proforma to NCDC through the State Govt. or direct funding.† While sending the application, the Federation/Society must enclose the† Balance Sheet, Trading Accounts, Profit & Loss for the preceding 3 years.